Jan Rosen

Jan hales from Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn New York. This is where she first developed her street smarts and directness. At the age of 9 her family moved to Beth Page, Long Island. After high school Jan got a job at a breakfast lunch spot called Harry’s. This was her first introduction to the food business and where she began to develop her unparalleled work ethic. Jan’s next culinary experience was at a restaurant called Nicks. Here Jan proved herself so much that the owner of Nicks offered her a partnership. At the same time, however, Jans father announced that the family was moving to California. Back in those days she didn’t go against her dads wishes… so in 1973 off she went to California. After arriving in California Jan tried several different jobs…. Straw Hat Pizza, a law firm and even Banking. California was a very expensive place to live! In 1976 with a bit of confidence Jan took a leap of faith and opened her first restaurant The Salad Mill in the quaint town of Petaluma. This endeavor was so successful that Jan in 1978 opened a second location of The Salad Mill in Napa, California. About this time this New Yorker decided why not develop and create the Perfect New York Cheesecake recipe! By 1981 thats exactly what she did. Jan Rosens Cheescakes quickly became a favorite of not only locals but greats the likes of Frank Sinatra and the Reagans.Since that time Jan has established 9 restaurants in Sonoma County. The most recent is 256 North which is 8500 sq feet and has the biggest bar in Sonoma County.

In 1975 Jan went for a management position at Liberty House where she was told “you are too young and a woman” not getting the position. This put a fire in her belly that she has used to fuel her success. Guts, Gumption and Tenacity describe Jan Rosen well!